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MEGHAN C.- I cannot recommend Total Body Boxing and Toby Wilson enough! I began classes on a whim and loved it! Toby is a great instructor who pushes you yet respects your fitness level. I am incredibly out of shape, and it was difficult for me to do some of the exercises, but I never felt judged by Toby or anyone else in the class. It's such an inclusive environment - everyone supports one another on their journeys to fitness! Classes were always fun and engaging, I was always moving and doing something new.

I would HIGHLY recommend this gym if you're a beginner looking to try a new fun workout!

DAVID- Before a co-worker told me about Toby Wilsons boxing class I had a false sense of how in shape I was. I have always been a little heavy but I could run a few miles so I thought I was okay. I would go to a local gym a few nights a week after work, run on the treadmill, lift some weights, do some crunches & be on my way. Toby's class was a HUGE wake up call for me! I was nowhere near the shape I wanted to be in. I enjoy the class more & more each time. Not only can I feel a change but I can see a change in my body. I am more toned & my stamina has increased immensely. Everyone knows that boxing is a great workout but it can sound intimidating. That is definitely not the case here. Toby at Total Body Boxing in Quincy MA runs a great program & the people that attend are great too. Everyone is encouraging & willing to offer pointers at any time. I would recommend Toby's boxing class to anyone. 

LORENA- This gym is absolutely great. I've been working out here for over five years. I look forward to every class I go to. I always work hard and leave with a smile. I would definitely recommend this boxing and fitness gym to anybody that wants to get in shape and have fun doing it.

RHYS- For the first time in my life I finally look forward to going to a gym! Fun, fast paced and a rewarding working every time :)

NICKIEThis is a fantastic gym, with a great teacher. Toby Wilson makes all the classes fun and varied. When I walked into the gym just over a year ago I was possibly the least fit I had ever been. Since training at this gym I am now stronger than ever in terms of both cardio and strength. No two classes are ever the same - Toby is constantly pushing you that little bit extra each class.

CINDY- I tried the free week the week before last Xmas. By the second class I was hooked and joined. I have been working out for years and never had a workout like this and I am in better shape than I have been in years. The classes are always different and everyone is so friendly. I had my body fat tested in early December and when I had it tested 6 weeks later, I had lost 4lbs of body fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle. I went 3 times a week for those 6 weeks. So if you want to see change, this is the place to go.

ASHToby Wilson takes a great 'no-nonsense' approach to fitness and training. He's always engaged, eager to fix problem areas and gives solid diet/training advice. Great trainer. I’ve been a member for a little over a year. The team at Total Body Boxing in Quincy are professional, courteous, punctual and knowledgeable. Toby is a great resource for learning about fitness, form, diet, and more importantly the art of boxing. Toby shows up day in and day out with a smile on his face eager to help, coach, encourage and teach with candor and a great sense of humor. The community that he’s built is a great asset and one of the many reasons myself and my wife go. The classes are varied, intense, and a great way to blow off steam after a long day. I’m particularly impressed with both the women’s only classes and the kids classes. My wife has reported that they’re a great way to learn to box and work out in a safe and low stress setting free of judgement and the kind of attention females often get in gyms. Highly recommended for folks of all age groups, fitness levels, and athletic ability.

SANDY- Total Body Boxing Quincy is by far the best gym I have ever been to! They offer so many different classes from Boxing to Conditioning to Cardio, Abs, Boot Camps and more. I’ve gained so much strength and confidence since I joined 9 months ago. Everybody is super friendly, welcoming and helpful no matter your skill level. Toby is the best! He makes everybody feel comfortable (even lefties) and you’ll never leave a class not feeling like you got the best possible workout in. The workouts and classes are always different, fun and challenging. I highly recommend stopping in for one of the boxing classes!

JOELLE- Total Body Boxing is the best gym in Quincy. Toby Wilson runs amazing classes and everyone there is very friendly. His workouts helped me get in shape and build muscle fast

BRENDA- I had been looking for something to get me out of my gym rut. Total Body Boxing Quincy has been a game changer. The classes are great. There is a lot of variation and you are constantly being challenged. The members are welcoming and Toby and David are supportive and motivating trainers. The gym is very clean and organized. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of different types of workouts - HITT, CrossFit, kickboxing etc. Total Body Boxing has, by far, been my favorite. In just a few short months I’m already noticing changes in my strength and endurance. I high recommend Total Body Boxing!

SUE M.-When I first walked into a boxing class by Toby, I dragged a few girls friends with me (I was that afraid) to try it. 
Shortly after I realized I don't need them holding my hand anymore. Toby Wilson is a great trainer and really takes the time to know his clients. The classes are never the same, so it makes you always want to come back. Everyone in the classes, are so nice, helpful and always cheering you! Put down the tv remote, the phone and try a class today! You will not regret it.

EMILY- I joined Total Body Boxing Gym in Quincy several months ago and I’m still excited to attend classes every week! Toby motivates and pushes everyone during each class, while also maintaining a sense of humor and supportive guidance. This is the best boxing gym I’ve attended, by far!


RHEAFantastic gym!! Toby is a great trainer, offering the perfect balance of being both supportive and challenging.

Classes are action packed; easy place to make friends and commiserate over burpees 😂 Can’t recommend this place enough; great price for such specialized training!!!

KIM-  I have been coming to Toby for about 5 years. I have gained so much strength and confidence with my workout. I take a variety of classes and love them all. I am 60 and work out with girls in their 20's and up and feel welcomed by them all.

RAUL- Toby is great at teaching you the essentials of boxing and how to push yourself further! His classes are not only fun and affordable, it gives you great results!

KOSTYANTYN- Great way to workout. Toby is an excellent trainer with a lot of experience. Always willing to challenge you.

CHERIEI have not been to a boxing class in quite some time and have not been to the gym in quite some time. But I have been looking to make a change to my lifestyle to improve my overall health both physical and mental and I’ve been searching for the right thing. Found total body boxing and did my first three classes today and I have to say I have found what I’ve been looking for!!! Toby is amazing, he is so incredibly willing to teach you and show you and make you feel welcomed. Everyone in the class regardlessof how long they’ve been doing this made you feel so welcomed in the class and went out of their way to help you. Cannot wait to get back for my next class. If you are looking to make a change or just looking to change up your workout routine come by and give this place a try, I promise you won’t regret it!

SHELLY Before I started Toby's boxing class I felt intimidated because didn't know what to expect. The "fear of the unknown" I guess. However, I wanted a challenge, so I took a chance. As they say, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The moment I walked into Toby's gym I felt welcomed and comfortable, or shall I say uncomfortable, because over time I realized that boxing is about learning through trial and error. Toby makes the uncomfortable- comfortably challenging. He has the gift of being a "people person" that gives a camaraderie energy in all of his classes.

DANIEL-  Toby is top notch and knows how to teach boxing. None of that cute boxaerobics this is pure form, stamina and punching. Whole body workout guaranteed!

PARUL I love Total Body Boxing classes. I have been attending these classes for about a year, and I really like the energy and the flow of the classes. There's always something different to do and new games to play. It's friendly environment and everyone works out at their own level. Everyone is really encouraging and inspiring.

TERRENCE Total Body Boxing is phenomenal! Toby works with you enhance your strengths and decrease your weaknesses. It's an experience that I recommend to everybody!

DAVID All around great classes!

BRITTANYAs a former athlete that let myself get out of shape I was looking for a fun way to get motivated again. I found Toby! I started with personal training and found myself back into the best shape of my life and I even looked forward to the workouts! Once you fall out of a schedule it's often difficult to get back into one. Toby stayed attentive to my scheduling needs and pushed me to get back into the gym consistently. Ive never had more fun working out. Toby is great for any level and can work any skill level into group workouts. I'm moving in a couple of months and wish I could take him with me!

JENI've just been going to Total Body Boxing for a month and I've already noticed that I am getting stronger and able to do more reps in boot camp. There is a variety of focused classes and a great group of supportive people.

BRIANGreat place! Toby Wilson is top notch & great with people of all abilities. Classes are amazing & work your entire body.

DAWN I've been taking Toby's All Girls Boxing Classes/Coed Boxing for 9 years. Seriously the best I've ever been to. Toby is an amazing motivator/trainer! I'm 50 years old and boxing keeps me in better shape than in my 20's. Great group of people, the culture/ energy are awesome.It feels like a family, we all work together and push each other. Coming to boxing is the best part of my week, hitting the bag definitely helps with my stress level from the office. My favorite thing is that every class is different, fun and the schedule is great, I never plateau or get bored. If you’ve always wanted to try boxing get in here, highly recommend.

ALDONIA I love it, my arms & legs never hurt So GOOD! I can work on everything in one place!

TAN- Total Body Boxing has all around great classes!

MARIELLE-  I have been dying to take boxing for years...I never did it because it was sport which you needed endurance. I tried taking the women's boxing and I freakin love it! Toby is a great trainer, he is completely upbeat and full of energy! I don't know how he comes up with interesting ways/methods to train us every week, he does something different. I need a kick in the butt so taking Toby's classes every week helps me get into shape!


"My granddaughter loves this place and cant wait every week to go!"

"The Kids Class is Great my daughter and her friend love it, good workout!"

"If you are looking for your son or daughter to begin boxing and get in shape while also having fun....get in touch with Toby for the kids boxing classes! My son loves it!"


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